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Az Buki National Publishing House for Education and Science


"Az Buki" National Publishing House

“Az Buki” National Publishing House

“Az Buki” National Publishing House publishes the only national weekly newspaper on education and science “Az Buki” and nine science journals. The latter have over 50 years of history. On their pages find place serious academic materials, whose publishing is a mandatory part of the professional growth of PhD students, professors, teachers, researchers and science critics.


The “Az Buki” Newspaper and science journals are mainly distributed through subscriptions in schools, universities, state and municipal structures, scientific organizations, cultural centers, including those of the Bulgarian communities abroad.

Subscription is available electronically or through various delivers such as banks or insurance companies. All schools receive and keep an archive of the newspaper for over two years.

Previous research shows that an average issue of “Az Buki” reaches 22,8 people in the institution that has subscribed for it. Among its readers are people with steady above the average income.

Potential Readers:

There are about 19, 600 people employed in the system of education. Classes are held in 2,096 high schools. The total number of students amounts to 615,600 while that of teachers and principals is 47,200. Approximately 1,000 teachers work at the schools for children with special educational needs, which provide equal access to education for about 464 students. In the field of vocational training there are nearly 13,800 teachers and 161,500 students. University faculty at institutions of higher and special education encompasses 21,100 people

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