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“Bulgarian Language and Literature” is a specialized scientific and methodological journal. For over 50 years, it has been contributing to the improvement of the educational process in Bulgarian Language and Literature by it applying cutting-edge theoretical - methodological, linguistic, literary approaches while meeting the European standards and criteria with respect to national tradition. It publishes research papers on essential topics of the course in Bulgarian Language and Literature.

The journal provides an opportunity for everyone involved in the students’linguistic and literary background and its realization to participate in professional scientific research, to discuss issues on language and literary training, and share good teaching practices. It is useful for teachers, university professors, doctoral students, experts, and readers interested in the area of continuing education.

The main topics of the magazine are: Methodology (training in Bulgarian Language and Literature), Linguistics, Literature, Teacher Experience, Individuals and Events in Education and Science, Opinions and Positions, Reviews and Information.
All materials eligible in terms of topic and layout are allowed for publishing.

Frequency: 6 issues per year.


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ISSN 1314 – 8516 (Online)
ISSN 0323 – 9519 (Print)


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