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Pedagogy is a scientific theoretical and methodological journal. It combines respective
areas of knowledge in a wider range of information, such as preschool education, primary
education, education for adults, comparative education, special education, history of pedagogy,
social pedagogy. Focus of the journal are all educational levels - from pre-school, primary,
secondary and higher education to learning through life. The journal refl ects the innovative
ideas, experimental results, modern trends and prospects for development of teaching science
and enrichment of actual teaching practice. The research content targets rich thematic diversity
and highlights discussions topics as well as penetration into the territory of the frontiers
of science. In order to give representative research integrity and meaningfulness of the
studied phenomena, the magazine offers broad opportunities to share insights and research
achievements and good teaching practices.
Main topics of the journal are: History of Education and Pedagogy Sciences, Philosophy
of Education, Theory and Experience, Research, Foreign Educational Tradition and
Contemporary Experience, Good Educational Practices; Opinions and Positions, Personalities in Science, Literature, Archive.


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Circulation: 9 issues per year.

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ISSN 13148540 (Online)
ISSN 0861 – 3982 (Print)

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