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Az Buki National Publishing House for Education and Science


Highest Recognition for Bulgarian Periodicals

Seven scientific journals, published by "Az-buki" National Publishing House, are presented in the Web of Science world scientific database.


According to a letter received at the publishing house, “Mathematics and Informatics” journal is referred and indexed in the Web of Science Emerging Sources Citation Index.

Thus the journal became the first Bulgarian edition in the field of mathematics and informatics, adopted in the world scientific database.

The first issue of “Mathematics and Informatics” was 61 years ago. All articles are evaluated by anonymous reviewers. The texts are published with title, keywords and abstract in English. The edition has a paper and an electronic version. Members of the editorial board are well-known scientists from nine countries; the Editor-in-chief is prof. Sava Grozdev, DSc.


The journals of “Az-buki” - “Philosophy”, “Foreign Language Teaching”, “Pedagogy”, “Bulgarian Language and Literature”, “History” and “Strategies for Educational and Scientific Policy” are presented in Web of Science Core Collection. The world scientific database has uploaded its articles since 2016.


The scientific periodicals of „Az-buki“ are also presented in:




Google Scholar



Sociological Abstracts


Philosopher's Index


The only criteria for publishing an article in a scientific journal of „Az-buki“ National Publishing House is a positive assessment by the anonymous reviewers evaluating the text.

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