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Национално издателство за образование и наука „Аз-буки” издава седмичника „Аз-буки” и девет научно-теоретични списания.


The Weekly Newspaper “Az Buki”

is the successor of the first official publication of the Ministry of Education "School Review"(1896). The greater part of the newspaper’s circulation is distributed by subscription in schools, universities, libraries, publishing houses, state and local institutions. Our subscribers can also be found in Bulgarian organizations, cultural centers and schools abroad.



“Bulgarian Language and Literature” was established in 1958 and since then has been contributing to the renewal and improvement of the education process in Bulgarian language and literature. The journal provides a selection of methodological materials as well as linguistic and literary studies, relevant to the Bulgarian language and literature curriculum in secondary schools.

Frequency: 6 issues per year.


“Strategies for Policy in Science and Education” provides scientific analysis and paradigms for the development of Bulgarian education in a European context. We focus on the strategic priorities of the Ministry of Education in the field of scientific research and educational policies. Our materials serve a wide audience of people involved with the cause of education.

The journal informs the teaching staff about innovative educational practices, introduces educators to European and national programs, and publishes education-related legislation, state educational standards, curricula and other documents related to the Bulgarian educational policy.

Frequency: 6 issues per year.



“Pedagogy” is a publication that combines the research fields of several pedagogical areas. Together they offer answers to issues related to the interests, needs, education and training of young people. The highlights of our journal are the problems of secondary and higher education, teacher qualifications, the application of modern strategies and technologies in the organization of pedagogical communication. “Pedagogy” is a discussion forum that continues an almost 100-year-old tradition of presenting the latest research and methodological innovations.

Периодичност: 9 книжки годишно.



“Vocational Education” offers information in the field of professional and civic education, organization and implementation of vocational training of young people. This specialized edition is a discussion forum of ideas and research results in the field of vocational pedagogy. On the pages of “Vocational Education” one can find both the latest theoretical aspects of science and the news about researchers’ success in the sphere of “Lifelong Learning.” Frequency: 6 issues per year.

Frequency: 6 issues per year.



Chuzhdoezikovo obuchenie-Foreign Language Teaching was first published in 1974 and is, therefore, the oldest Bulgarian journal for linguistics and methodology. It has been continuously referenced by the Institute of Scientific Information by the Russian Academy of Sciences. Materials (articles, overviews, announcements, reviews, chronicles) published in it, cover topics in the field of modern and classical languages, culture and education.

Frequency: 6 issues per year.



 “Philosophy” is an edition that encompasses various cultural and scientific disciplines. The topics of the journal are associated with the dynamics of scientific knowledge and the global world.

Frequency: 4 issues per year.



“Mathematics and Informatics” comes out since 1958 and is a successor of the journal “Mathematics and Physics.” It publishes materials that present the experience, traditions and problems of education in mathematics, computer science and information technologies. Our focus is on teachers’ qualifications and preparation of students. We cover the national and international achievements of Bulgarian students and teachers. The journal offers information about important competitions, scientific and educational events.

Frequency: 6 issues per year.


History" presents scientific research on national, regional and general history, from ancient times till present days. Through the perspective of the Bulgarian education and teaching organization we explore different areas of the historical science. The texts of the journal are aimed at artists, teachers, students, as well as history enthusiasts.

Frequency: 6 issues per year.



“Chemistry. Bulgarian Journal of Science Education” (ChemistryBulgarian Journal of Science Education) is the first Bulgarian multidisciplinary journal in the field of education. Focus is on the theory and methodology of science teaching and learning. The subjects included are astronomy, biology, geography, physics and chemistry in all stages of education. The journal is part of the most prestigious global reference systems for indexing and evaluation - Chemical Abstracts, Google Scholar and SCOPUS.

Frequency: 6 issues per year.

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