The developed dictionary model marks the beginning of the lexicography genre “cumulative historical-etymological thesaurus of words of foreign origin in the Bulgarian language”. The proposed concept presents an innovative program for full lexicographing of words of foreign origin in the Bulgarian linguistic area. The field of study is the empruntological and contactological lexicography, and the object of the analysis is empruntism as a resultative unit of the cross-border cultural impact. The main method of the study is a complex lexicographic portraying and biographizing of words of foreign origin. The lexicographic principles on the basis of which the model for “The dictionary of empruntisms in Bulgarian language” is designed are: cumulativity, chronologicality, etymologicality, semantic historicity and illustrativity (exemplificativity). The selection of empruntisms on a macrostructural level is made on the basis of the criteria for the lexicographical appropriacy, frequency, representativity, reliability and consistency.

The microstructural organization of the dictionary article contains the following lexicographic areas: headword; area of the respective foreign etymon; area of the history of the semantics of the etymon; area with information on the etymological origin of the etymon; area with Bulgarian translation equivalents of the etymon; area with information for the period of entry of the empruntism in the Bulgarian language; area with data for the first fixation of the empruntism in Bulgarian written sources;

area with registered graphic variants of the empruntism; cumulative area with chronologically arranged interpretations of the title unit (extracted from Bulgarian dictionaries of foreign words); area with examples of contextual use of the empruntism; area with typical derivative forms.

ISBN 978-619-7065-08-4

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